Thursday, April 15, 2010

Foaling Season Begins!!!

Six mares are due to foal at our farm this year and we have anticipated the beginning of foaling season this year with bittersweet emotions. A bit crazy, but I'll tell you why we bred six mares in a future post. Serrenada, the first of the six mares to foal, delivered her bundle of joy after we endured three sleepless nights on "Foal Watch". It was a textbook delivery with the mare foaling exactly three days following the appearance of "wax" on the milk udder. At around 1:10 AM on April 13th, our black bay foal entered this world with a large star, small strip and pink snip on the nose. Perfect? Well, yes and no.

(Pictured above: Serrenada's baby bump the day of foaling.)

Turns out this foal is the SIXTH colt(male) in row for us!! So while we are very disappointed in the plumbing, we're willing to forgive this cute little guy for being a colt if he will stay that gorgeous black bay color.

(Pictured below: The new foal takes it's first breath.)

Pedigree-wise, this little guy represents an outcross breeding, meaning new genetic blood into our herd. We wanted the blood of famous Arabian sire *Bask and found PS Afire Chief who fit the bill with several crosses to *Bask, beautiful bay color with four white socks, and an enviable show record as a reserve national champion Park Horse, champion driving, champion English pleasure and halter wins to his credit. Of course, we were hoping for a mare to cross back onto our stallions *Etyk and Monopolii, full brother of Mongramm, so those plans have obviously changed.

Serrenada, one our our favorite daughters of *Efort, a Palas son, is a wonderful mom - protective and affectionate. Both of her foals (both colts) have been so friendly and receptive to humans, allowing us to touch, handle and halter break with such ease. A real pleasure! But wait...I see some grey hairs on this guy's tail!!! Will he turn grey, the dominant color in Arabian horses, or is this just "frosting" on an otherwise stunning almost-black color!!!?

(Pictured: Mare and foal begin the bonding process. Foal is about one hour old.)

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