Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to Where We Started

My explanation of what this blog is about was temporarily interrupted by the approaching birth of a foal on the farm. Now that our handsome fellow is a month old (and still has no name!) it’s time to go back and explain what Angel Horse People is really all about.

I founded the Angel Horse Registry and created the web site http://angelhorses.com/ to honor horses who enrich human lives. It’s a unique site that gives people an opportunity to say “thank you” to special equines. The site allows us to create a registry listing for a horse, create an honor certificate and select or write our own words on the certificate. Each “Angel Horse” honored also receives a classy halter honor tag. Proceeds from sales of products are donated to Equine-assisted therapy and service programs benefiting people. The site also features everyday people and the Angel Horses they honor.

I’ve lived with horses for over 25 years. They have been incredible teachers and friends. I cannot imagine my life without them, and so Jack and I have chosen a life with them. And that’s what this blog is all about. Living life with horses.

(Pictured: A house for horses and people under one roof!)

I’ll be writing about our day-to-day life living under one big roof with 20+ horses, 2 dogs, and 4 cats. It’s an unusual set up and one that any horse lover would probably envy. And while it’s definitely a labor of love, it’s also a lot of work and responsibility. We care for over 20 of our own horses, and we also provide boarding services for several other horses.

(Pictured: Preparing to unload 150 of 4000 bales of hay needed annually.)

The economy has really affected the horse industry. Horses are a luxury item and people are being forced to choose family and living expenses over horse boarding and care. Sales are flat, and some people are literally giving horses away. With these facts in mind, Jack and I asked ourselves, “Do we really need any more horses?” I’m sure you can guess what the answer to that question was.