Friday, June 12, 2009

353 Days and Still No Foal.....

Still no foal! We're at day 353 - about 10 days overdue! The photo above tells the story. The milk bag is increasing! Last night's foal watch was significant. Very tiny drops of liquid can be seen on Aforia's milk bag! It's not quite milk, nor is it what we Horse People call "wax" , but it does mean we are getting closer to the birth!

Last night Aforia was restless, shifting her weight back and forth, pawing and pacing - sure signs of her uncomfortableness. I stayed with her until about 1:30 AM, my favorite cat Choochi sitting with me the entire time. Even the family of barn swallows in the mud nest above us were quiet, as if they too were anticipating the birth. Aforia's best friend, Fifinella, quietly kept munching her hay, providing comfort, companionship and cool, calm maternal advice to her friend. I went back to the house thinking I could catch a few minutes of sleep. Those few minutes turned into a few hours, but Jack took over the foal watch until 6 AM.

With the new light of day we bedded Aforia's stall with a deep, soft layer of straw. An experienced broodmare knows what this means. We're taking turns watching her now, and she seems to be content in her stall instead of with the rest of the mare herd.

It could be hours, or it could be a few more days! We're on a heightened Foal Watch now! Could it be a mid-day birth or will she wait until the quiet of the night?

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  1. Hi, I am Deetz an Airedale that blogs. We have horses and then their is Sharkie the border collie and of course my mum and dad. Mum helps me blog cuz its hard to type with paws. Anywaz, My mum was hogging the computer looking up Angel Horses or Horses that can heal and pondered upon your blog....It is very nice to meet you, and my mum hopes to come back and read many more stories and of course see the new baby.
    I have lots of dog friends all over the world and I can send them your way. They are all nice. None of them bite.
    and his mum, Carol